A Mistake I Made

A mistake I made and learned from it was when I hit the ball when it was an out ball. The thing I learned from it was don’t go for the ball when you know it’s an out ball. I figured out that it was my fault. An out ball is a ball that goes out the court. I think when I hit the ball I was not paying attention to the game I was in another world day dreaming. That is why I hit the ball thinking it was an inside ball.

                My mistake was really bad. My team lost because of me hitting the ball, we would’ve had a point. I was really melancholy. The thing I learned from it was that if you do a mistake your friends or teammate won’t talk to you or they would just be mad at you for making them lose and not get the point. Ms. Maeyama told me that it was her fault for not telling me that it was out. I told her that it was not her fault that it was my mistake for wondering around. I blame the mistake on me.

After the game was over I felt jovial. I was jovial because my teammate was not mad at me, they just told me to be careful. After the day was over I was like I need to get over it, and try better the next game.  Other wise me and my teammate had a great game helping out each other passing the ball. I regret doing the same mistake in the future when I play volleyball because I will pay attention to the game and focus.


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